Bulk Purchaser Policy

  • Xpluswear reserves the right to restrict, limit, cancel or alter orders and the terms of purchase and returns applicable to Bulk Purchases.
  • Bulk Purchases mean and include purchases for resale of a total price of more than $500.
  • All discounted goods are sold to customers who buy in bulk.
  • Customers who make Bulk Purchases may not return any merchandise unless such merchandise was defective when sold and was purchased at regular price.
  • Buyers of Bulk Purchases may not return merchandise to Xpluswear.
  • Customers who buy in bulk will enjoy DHL or Fedex free shipping.
  • We need about 7 to 10 working days to pack them.
  • Xpluswear reserves the right to refuse sales to customers who make Bulk Purchases at any time.

Discount details for bulk purchases


Price($) Discount Coupon Code
500-1000 20% WS20
1000-1500 23% WS23
1500-2000 25% WS25
2000-3000 30% WS30
3000+ 40% WS40


Contact our key account manager: wholesale@xpluswear.com